Games -Kēmu

This section contains interactive games . You can use these on tablets or, better yet, on smart boards. Most of the games support introducing new vocabulary in te reo. Sound bites are included to help with pronunciation.

Our online games are played within your internet browser. We recommend using a modern browser that is up to date. e.g. chrome or safari.

How will these kēmu help learning te reo?

Input – introduce learners to the new vocabulary. Make sure they know exactly what the item is that they are learning the Māori word for. (Bean and pea may look similar to some learners).

Recall– this is where we have already been introduced to the kupu and are trying to remember/recall the correct one.

Discrimination – learners can choose the correct kupu  from a selection.

Extension/Production-Have a question and response for learners to engage in.

Playing different versions of the games will give some variety and  more opportunities for repetition and therefore learning opportunities.


Click the video to see how the games can be played and used in your virtual classrooms.

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