Nau mai haere mai ki Te Reo Club

What is Te Reo Club?

Te Reo Club is a one-stop place for  whānau (family) and kaiako (teachers) who are looking for a variety of simple yet useful resources. It is a community of people who are aiming to learn and use te reo Māori everyday and teach the language to their tamariki (children).  The emphasis is hands on, printable, parent friendly resources – an economical way of buying teaching resources. We are pretty excited to offer whānau school-quality resources and hope you will love the availability, variety and quality.

For schools and centres the rauemi (resources) are focused on including more te reo, making it a bigger part of the daily language in English Medium Schools. We want to help your space to be  Bi-cultural and beautiful.

Our sister site  Te Reo Māori Classroom specialises in whole class teaching resources, where as Te Reo Club is one off worksheets, posters and templates. Some rauemi (resources) are included in both.

Tō tātou rangatira o te reo Sir Tīmoti Kāretu, affirms that all our efforts, no matter how small , are better than no effort at all. If that effort is continued, we should reach that great height and alternatively we can all be responsible for the survival of our reo, the language of Aotearoa.

“I am reminded of the following whakataukī: ‘He iti te mokoroa nana i kakati te kahikatea’ — it was a very small caterpillar which felled the kahikatea (the tallest of our native trees). If we persist, our efforts, no matter how small, will lead us to success, and if it is done in a spirit of accord and goodwill, how can we not succeed?”

Sir Tīmoti Kāretu


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Download ready-to-print PDFs from our large kete of various topics and activities. PLUS, new resources are uploaded every month.
From Posters for home school and office to worksheets and crafts. Have your say about the resources you need.

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For a very reasonable price your school can have a variety of resources for different ages and stages. Your teachers will have access to templates, videos and planning documents, to support their obligations of teaching te reo.

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Digital and Printable Resources


Learning Te Reo

Help your tamariki build their vocabulary and lead them to read and write in te reo Māori.

Te Reo at Home

Communicate with your tamariki and support the whole family to kōrero Māori.


Support your tamariki to count, tell the time, and use te reo number sentences

Teachers' Resources

Make your classroom conducive for learning and culturally relevant with our awesome posters, labels, and other displays.


Encourage your tamariki to learn something new...without them even knowing! You will enjoy our crafts, games, puzzles, and other fun stuff.

Featured Posts

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The mission of Te Reo Club is to help increase te reo Māori in schools, communities and in homes. I would love to be able to walk into any school, shop or cafe and hear people speaking whatever te reo they were able to manage, at any level.