Achievement Objectives - Level 3

Below are available resources which can be used to support each achievement objective.

Achievement Objective 3.1

Communicate, including comparing and contrasting, about habits and routines.

Achievement Objective 3.2

Communicate about events and where they can take place.

Achievement Objective 3.4

Communicate, including comparing and contrasting, about how people travel

Achievement Objective 3.5

Communicate about immediate past activities.

Possible Sociocultural Themes

  • Te whānau (the family,
  • Kāinga noho (home)
    Tūpuna (grandparents,
    ancestors, hapū, iwi)
  • Whanaungatanga (kinship,
    relationships, connections)
  • Ngā mihi (informal and formal
  • Ako (learning together)
  • Te wā (time, seasons, lunar

Possible Topics

  • Whānau, hapū, iwi
  • My home
  • My classroom
  • My school
  • Origin, identity, location

Possible Text Types

  • Kīwaha (idioms)
  • Pepeha (iwi-specifi c sayings)
  • Waiata Māori (Māori songs)
  • Whakataukī (proverbs)
  • Captions for pictures and
  • Simple, short dialogues
  • Greeting and leave-taking
  • Class timetables